Our Pastor

2013WeeBob2Our pastor, Robert Read, gave his life to Christ when he was 25 years of age.  After working for 22 years in the civil service, he felt the call to the pastoral ministry so he left his government employment to undertake ministerial training at the Evangelical Theological College of Wales (now called WEST) from 1997 to 2000.

Following his first pastorate, which was at Kings Road Baptist Church, Chingford, to the north East of London, he moved to Chatteris. There, with the encouragement of some Christian friends and Barry King of Grace Baptist Partnership, Chatteris Community Church was planted in June 2010. Robert began as leader of the new work, and then was called by the Church to be their pastor.  Robert was married to Jackie in 1990 until she went to be with the Lord in April 2015.