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The logo of the Association of Grace Baptist Churches West Anglia The Association of Grace Baptist Churches
[West Anglia]

The AGBC[WA] is an association of independent Baptist Churches in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Lincolnshire. Member Churches subscribe to the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith and / or the Strict Baptist Affirmation of Faith. Our activities are designed to provide local opportunities for Christians to have fellowship together, to pray together and to encourage one another. Each church is independent and the Association has no say in the running of any church.
The logo of Grace Baptist Partnership Grace Baptist Partnership
“Grace” churches joyfully affirm the doctrines of grace. They are “Baptist” holding to Baptist distinctives including a baptised membership and a guarded table. “Partnership” reflects the group’s desire—true partnership in the gospel—one that recognizes the interdependence of the churches without sacrificing their independency.
GBM-Link-125 Grace Baptist Mission
Grace Baptist Mission exists to work with churches as they send out and support missionaries through prayer, advice and practical helps. GBM acts as a means of co-ordination and channel of information between like minded churches.
Association of Grace Baptist Churches
(South East)

Across the South East of England around 60 churches have chosen to associate together for mutual help and encouragement. Each church is independent but understands the importance of being interdependent. We are united in our doctrinal identity as Grace Baptists, in expressing Christ’s command to love one another in fellowship, and in our shared mission of reaching the millions who are lost.
AGBCEA-Link-125 Association of Grace Baptist Churches
(East Anglia)

For over 180 years our present Association has stood true to the doctrines as set out in the Articles of Faith. There are currently 30 member Churches, each one witnessing to the truths of the gospel of God’s grace.
Logo of the Grace Baptist Assembly Grace Baptist Assembly
The GBA provides an annual fellowship in which churches of common faith may find encouragement and counsel. It provides opportunities for sharing information, consultation on issues of concern to the churches, and co-operative endeavour. The doctrinal standards of the Assembly are the London Confession of Faith (1689) and ‘We Believe’, the Strict Baptist Affirmation of Faith (1966/73)