Christmas Meal 2019

A group from our Church met together in Hartford Mill, Huntingdon, to share a ‘Christmas’ meal together. It was a pleasant evening, with good food and repartee and was enjoyed by all. We were well served and supported by the staff of Hartford Mill and we enjoyed firing off the party poppers and blowing the party horns provided.

Caring For Life Christmas Support EventGroup at Caring For Life Event Oct 2018

Members of our Church also belong to the Huntingdon Support Group for Caring For Life, a charity based in Leeds. Caring For Life distribute Christmas parcels of food and small gifts to very needy individuals and families in that city.We again held a ‘Christmas’ event in October to raise funds for that effort. We provided Tea, Coffee and Cakes in the back hall of Warboys Baptist Church through the kind offices of that Church. We were very thankful for those who supported the event and who gave so generously to the cause. We raised even more than last year through donations given at the event. Helpers were kept so busy that we were unable to take a photo this year—so have used last year’s again!

Pastor Read arranging the Harvest Thanksgiving gifts.Harvest Thanksgiving

We held our Harvest Thanksgiving Service on 22nd September, and this was followed by a fellowship lunch. As in previous years, all the dry goods were donated to the Chatteris Food Bank, whilst the fresh fruit and vegetables were given to Swan House Care Home. We are very thankful to the Lord for providing for us such an abundance of produce throughout the year.

Golden Gnome 2019

This award is given each year to the preacher of the sermon downloaded the most times from our website during the past year.  Pastor Ali McLachlan was awarded the Gnome this year for a sermon preached on 3rd October 2016 entitled Getting The Gospel Right – part 1. As he lives several 100 miles away, we caught up with him at the Grace Partnership Conference held during August in Swanwick. The silver medal was given to Pastor Barry King from Dunstable for his sermon preached on the same day!  That was entitled A Culture of Evangelism. Both are well worth listening to, as are the others on that day.

Most Downloaded Sermon Since 2012

To recognise the fact that the sermon The Genealogy of Grace (22/12/2013) preached by our Pastor, Robert Read, continues to be the most downloaded sermon from our site, Pastor Read was ‘awarded’ the Balun d’Or. This might be a light-hearted side to our meeting, but it does reflect the fact that we are really pleased that there are so many who download sermons to listen to. We hope and pray that they will benefit from them and grow in understanding of the truth of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Robert’s sermon on The Genealogy covers the ancestry of our Lord. Matthew shows in symbol the essence of the Gospel in the names that he selects for his genealogy.

Grace Baptist Partnership Conference 2019

Members of our church were able to attend the Grace Baptist Partnership Conference for 2019. The title of the Conference was I Walked a Mile With Sorrow and the speakers gave really challenging talks on this subject. Download recordings from This link takes you to an external webpage.

Grace Baptist Partnership — DunstablePastor Hezron Muwowo of Leagrave Church, Bedfordshire.

Our Church shares with others across the country through Grace Baptist Partnership. We gathered with representatives from many of those churches on 9th March, in the Baptist chapel in Dunstable, Bedfordshire for a “Prayer and Praise Gathering”. We heard news from works in Linslade, Hitchin, Halling, Ryarsh and North Watford when pastor Barry King of Dunstable interviewed members from those churches. Closing, Pastor Hezron Muwowo, the pastor of the church in Leagrave preached to us from 2 Corinthians 1:8-11, giving four main points outlining Paul’s teaching in that passage under the headings Trouble, Trust, Triumph and Thanks. We were then able to share informally with many during the refreshments that followed the service.