Church Group at Wrest Park in BedfordshireThe Church Outing to Wrest Park

The Church enjoyed a day out together by visiting Wrest Park in Bedfordshire. This property, relatively recently brought under the stewardship of English Heritage, is well known for its gardens which surround it. The main house has little of the original furnishings, but is beautifully set off by the large lawns and lakes which can be viewed through the windows from there. We were able to stroll leisurely  round the grounds exploring the different features, able to chat away without feeling crowded in by others or by anyone falling into the lakes. The weather was really fine, and so we were able to eat lunch outside the café, pleased to be in the shade of a large parasol. For once, the crumbs were not being picked up by small birds, but by a flock of jackdaws. Again, we were thankful for the protection from the parasol, this time from the attention of the birds!

The Church Christmas MealThe Church Christmas Meal

It was a joy to gather together as Church Members for our Annual Christmas Meal. This was again held at Hartford Mill, near Huntingdon.We enjoyed the choice given by the new carvery and excellent and friendly service from the staff, ample food and enjoyable fellowship.

We were very impressed with the range of horns, hooters and other noise making items provided by the restaurant. Certain Church Members made good use of them. These offset the usual groan-worthy cracker jokes!

The Grace Baptist Mission AGM 2017 at Euston

Part of the GBM AGM congregation

Delegates from our own Church, together with those from all over the country travelled down to London on 28th October to take part in the Grace Baptist Mission Annual General Meeting. GBM is not an independent organisation, but is answerable to the member churches who hold to the 1689 or 1966 bases of faith.

The theme for the day was Bringing the Truth to Light, a celebration of the 500th anniversary of the nailing of Luther’s 95 theses to the church door at Wittenburg which heralded the dawn of the Reformation in Europe. It was good to remember all those men who suffered so much as they sought to bring the good news of the gospel of grace to light.

It was also very Matt Gamston preaching at the GBM AGMencouraging to hear from many different missionaries working today with GBM across the world in the different seminars held in parallel and following the business meeting. Their talks brought to light the tremendous opportunities for gospel work and showed the contrasting encouragements and problems that they have to face.

We were able to celebrate in the news that there were four separate pairs of new missionaries either currently working or planning to work in different parts of the world, Two of the pairs of missionaries intend to work in Europe working alongside Christian workers already there.

At the closing service Matt Gamston, associate pastor of Trinity Baptist Church Gloucester, preached from 2 Corinthians chapter 1 verses 1-11. His four points based on this passage were Suffering, Weakness, Dependence and Power. He said that Christians seeking to witness for Christ experiencing the first two of these need to look to the Lord in dependence in order to find and experience His power to enable them to overcome pressures both within themselves, and from outside.

The Induction Service for Barry King at DunstableRyan King preaching at his father's induction.

On Saturday 14th October, we were privileged to be invited to share with the Dunstable Baptist Church in the service of induction of Barry King to the pastorate of their Church. There were a number of representatives from other churches local to Chatteris as well as from churches closer to Dunstable. The service was very well attended, the church building was packed. Owing to the illness of Stuart Olyott who had been invited to preach, Barry’s son Ryan picked up the baton just 24 hours before the service. Despite the short notice, he preached a powerful and challenging sermon to all present based on Ephesians chapter 4. Although the church has as its members imperfect people, through the work of Christ and the Holy Spirit they together are being built into a perfect man with Christ as the head of this perfected body. It is the rôle of the pastor to preach this truth and to encourage the members of his congregation to press on in the Lord.Refreshments after the induction of Barry KIng

We were pleased to see Abi and Alister as well as others of the King family. Abi accompanied the hymns on the piano. Her playing was greatly appreciated by many.

Following the service, there was a time of refreshments with a wide range of foods being superbly served by the church. It was good to be able to meet a great number of  friends from so many churches at this time.

Harvest Thanksgiving 2017

2017 Harvest Gifts for the Food Bank and Swan House

We held our church Harvest Thanksgiving on 24th September. It is good to thank God for His bountiful provision to us over the past year and to seek to help others in need within our community. The ‘dry’ goods were taken to be part of the Chatteris Food Bank whilst the fresh ruit and vegetables were gladly accepted by Swan House Care Home.

It was good to welcome visitors to our service who were visiting family in Chatteris from the United States.

Following the service, we joined together to have a Fellowship Lunch with food provided by members of the Church.

Alister and Abi Visit

Alister and Abi

It was lovely as a Church to renew our aquaintance with Alister King this Sunday, especially as he brought Abi with him. Others had been with them both at the 2017 Grace Baptist Partnership Conference which was held this year in Swanwick. Alister is the trainee pastor at Edlesborough Baptist Church in Bedfordshire, and Abi is a member there also. He came to us to preach on Sunday 28th August in order to give our own pastor a rest. We thoroughly enjoyed his sermon based on Revelation Chapter 22.

Caring For Life Fund RaisingSome of those dropping by for a cream tea.

We were able to share in the Huntingdon Support Group fund raising activity for the Charity Caring for Life. This Leeds-based charity provides on-going care and support for vulnerable young people and adults. The event took the form of a Cream Tea (etc.) and was held at Park Farm, Pidley who willingly made their facilities available for us to use that day.

We were joined by friends from many of the local churches and from the wider community. We would thank those who joined with us throughout the day to support this very worthy cause. We were pleased to be able to raise almost £500 on the day. Thank you for your help. We look forward to seeing you at the CFL event next year. If you would like to know more about Caring For Life and their amazing love towards and work amongst the disadvantaged and vulnerable people of Leeds, please follow this link Caring For Life

The Golden Gnome Award 2017Manea Map-winner Golden Gnome Award 20178

The winner of the Annual Golden Gnome Award (2017) was announced at our Annual General Meeting. This award is made to the one who’s sermon was downloaded from the Church website the most number of times during the year. The 2017 Award went to….. the map of Manea, which was downloaded a surprisingly large number of times.

We are not sure why the map attracted so much attention. Possibly because of the name of the place. Actually, it is pronounced as May-knee, rather than Mania, which might cause disappointment to some! The map !

The AGBC[WA] PicnicSome of the younger ones outside.

Some of the members from our local association of churches, together with their families met for a Summer Pic-nic at Hinchinbrooke Park in Huntingdon. It was good to be able to relax and share news of the churches together. This year, a larger number of families with young children were able to join us and they greatly appreciated the space of the Park in which to play. The older ones sheltered from the strong sunshine in one of the classrooms at the Park. Thus they were able to share in the activities, but without strenuous exercise.

The bottle rocket launched successfully



One of the activities was launching a bottle rocket using a foot pump to provide the air pressure to launch it. Sensibly it was left to the younger ones to spend what transpired to be a considerable amount of pumping to build the pressure for a launch. When the rocket eventually lifted off it flew a surprising way up into the air.


Church group at Coton ManorChurch Outing 2017

We were pleased to able to share in a day away together at Coton Manor Gardens in Northamptonshire on June 17th. The weather was extremely hot, and therefore we were very grateful to be able to retire to the café both for lunch and tea. As usual, the gardens were an immaculate blaze of colour and the cakes were up to their usual high standard.

It was good to be able to relax together and to discuss a wide range of topics in such an informal and peaceful setting.

Easter Meal 2017


Following our Easter Day Service, we were again able to hold a Bring-and-Share meal. Thanks to the members, we were able to enjoy quite a wide range of dishes. Certain of the ‘smaller ones’ managed to have at least ‘seconds’. It was good to be able to welcome some visitors to the service and meal.

Annual Association Meal of the AGBC[WA] at PottonAGBC[WA] Annual Meal at Potton Baptist Church

As a church we were able to share with others at the Annual Association Meal, of the AGBC[WA], which this year was held at Potton Baptist Church. Before the food was served there was quiz for all to solve. The picture shows just a part of the gathering with minds and pencils hard at work. Following the meal, which was a delicious selection of foods, Pastor Chell of Ramsey Salem Church brought us a word from Psalm 133 which speaks of the joys of real fellowship enjoyed by those who are walking faithfully before God.

Seminar at Great Whyte Baptist CurchRev John Martin

On 25th February, together with those from other churches in the area, we were invited to attend a seminar at Great Whyte Church in Ramsey where the speaker was Rev. John Martin of the Medway Fellowship in Huntingdon. In the first of three sessions,  John outlined just how God fulfilled His word, both to Israel and also to Elijah. The middle session looked at Elijah’s confrontation both with King Ahab and with the prophets of Baal on Mt Carmel. John emphasised the way in which it was clear from the passage that Elijah had an absolute faith that God would fulfil His promises. The final session looked at the way in which Elijah suffered from ‘burn-out’ and depression. How like us that after experiencing the power of God in our lives that we so quickly forget God’s mercies and try to solve our problems without going to God. You may hear John Martin’s three addresses by going to the Great Whyte Baptist Church ‘Catch-up’ Service – just click on the link and a new tab will open taking you to their site. We hope that you enjoy listening to them.

Christmas Day Service—not at KECChristmas Day at the Pastor's

We were not able to meet as usual In KEC, so we held a Christmas Morning Service at our Pastor’s house. We managed to squeeze in with all the visitors and together celebrated the birth of our Saviour.

It was good to be able to welcome again, and share the time with the wider family of some of our number. The younger ones designed some lovely cardboard angels for us to see.

Carol Service 2016Mince Pies After Carol Service

On Sunday 18th December we held our Carol Service in KEC. As usual it was followed by a time to get together and share mince pies, sausage rolls, cake as well as the normal teas and coffees. We were pleased to welcome friends both old and new to celebrate the coming of our Lord.


Effective Evangelism Conference

We hosted a conference in Manea [map] for church leaders and others on Monday 3rd October entitled Effective Evangelism with several speakers from Grace Baptist Partnership. They were Ali McLachan of GBP Scotland, Barry KIng of GBP England and Jeremy Walker, pastor of Maidenbower Baptist Church, Crawley. You may download the four talks as MP3s from